Ghost Gum Reverb

2021 - ongoing

Ghost Gum Reverb is an avant-garde improvising group, playing music that brings the expression and intensity of free jazz together with the and the hypnotic, trance-like repetitions of ambient music and the expanded sound pallette of free improvisation.

Comprised of Josten Myburgh (alto saxophone), Djuna Lee (double bass), Jameson Feakes (electric guitar) and Ben Greene (drums), the group has an idiosyncratic sound that defies genre, strengthened by the rich collaborative history of the performers across a variety of projects in the last eight years. Ghostly, fragile bowed strings meet sombre harmony, propulsive drumming and highly textured, circular-breathed saxophone phrases.

Ghost Gum Reverb have performed in ambient, jazz, electronic & pop contexts alike, including concerts at the Perth International Jazz Festival, Aesoteric (WA Museum Boola Bardip), Goolugatup Sounds and AM/EX.



  • "From ambient sounds to frenetic deluges, these musicians’ ability to listen and respond to minute variations in tempo and mood is extraordinary."
    A heady weekend of jazz in WA (Francesca Sasnaitis, Australian Book Review)

  • "At one stage Myburgh disengaged the sax mouthpiece and created an amazing shimmering hissing effect utilizing electronics and his right hand above the bell. Lee moved to pizzicato and although there was never a tempo per se there was an overriding feeling of pulse with the ensemble coming to a crescendo at the 35 minute mark. Again the music took the listener on a logical journey and the ability and willingness of each musician to embrace silence showed a very clear strong relationship and trust within the quartet. At 40 minutes the ensemble moved into a decrescendo and masterfully brought their performance to a conclusion utilizing an accumulation of silences. Ghost Gum Reverb, despite their younger age, possess a clarity of concept with what they wish to achieve. This certainly is an ensemble that will be worth supporting into the future."
    New sounds in new venue (Garry Lee, SeeSaw Magazine)