Land's Air

Duo with Eduardo Cossio

2021 - ongoing

Land’s Air is the experimental, improvised duo of Boorloo-based musicians Eduardo Cossio (amplified zithers, harmonica & electronics) & Josten Myburgh (alto saxophone & electronics). We make striking music which explores the superimposition of multiple tuning systems in timbrally complex settings, and the dynamic between drone and pointillist textures. Our music is grounded in melody and harmony with incidental and emergent logics.

Eduardo & Josten are among the most active community organisers and performers in the Western Australian experimental music scene. Between the two of them, Josten & Eduardo have released music on Another Timbre, Edition Wandelweiser, Flaming Pines & Tone List, and have performed at concert series and festivals including Sacred Realism (Berlin), Cable#8 (Nantes), Supersense (Melbourne), the NOW now (Sydney), Inland (Melbourne), the Fremantle Biennale, Hidden Treasures (Fremantle), Audible Edge (Perth) and the Perth International Jazz Festival. They have worked with improvisers including Jim Denley, Casey Moir, Emilio Gordoa, Annette Krebs & Sage Pbbbt.